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Services offered to Homeowners, Architects and General Contractors; design ideas, review of plans, building costs, schedule, contract documents and permit process.



Services Offered: estate renovations, new home construction, additions, kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels. With a proven background in high end residential construction, we guarantee quality and efficiency at the right price.

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Services are offered on a limited basis to projects that do not require licensed designers. Historically our design ideas have proven to be practical, unique and complimentary to design professionals and homeowners alike.



With over 35 years of building experience, from ground up to finish and having worked directly with homeowners, architects, engineers and interior designers on large scale projects, I have learned to recognize ahead of time, where problems may exist and to develop realistic, cost effective solutions.

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    I take care in listening to owner needs and to evaluate the proposed project, before responding with questions, concerns or ideas that will help simplify the building process.

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    I review plans, budgets and schedules thoroughly. As a result, I have found that developing an open dialogue between the owner, design team and the builder, is essential for success and ultimate satisfaction by all.

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    With the same “client comes first philosophy” I have always maintained, I constantly search for ways to reduce costs and provide maximum value for their investment. I am personally involved with each and every project we do.

What sets Castle Contracting apart from other Builders

I believe what makes me unique in the residential construction industry, is the many years I spent learning and performing the various trades, from ground up to finish. I learned industrial arts and drafting, while in high school and designed and built fine furniture in my early teens. I then went to union and ROTC carpentry classes and eventually designed and built my first addition, when I was 20 years old. Since getting my license in 1979, and after many years of developing my skills, I was fortunate to have worked with notable clients and architects over the years on some very large and unique projects. I have developed the ability to offer specialized and unique services that have proven to be of significant value to all involved.



"I found Chuck to be accommodating and flexible with a positive attitude and diligence, that created a constructive work relationship. The level of refinement of the finished project we built together, is equal to any my firm has done, thus far. His attention to detail and immense effort were instrumental in bringing my design into the tangible world."
Jim Cutler, Cutler-Anderson Architects
Banbridge Island, Washington

"Chuck has a terrific disposition and an amazing ability to juggle literally hundreds of things at once. He constantly amazed us with his expertise in every field and seamlessly executed and understood both big picture items and minutiae. He has a tremendous amount of integrity and accountability on the job."
Hollywood Producer-SF residence
Pacific Heights

"Chuck dealt very well with all other teams on the project, including architects, structural engineers, sub-contractors, interior designer, AV engineer, lighting designer and landscape designer, to bring everyone together and keep the project moving."
Jeremy Hux, owner SF residence

"Chuck was constantly good natured and it was a pleasure to work with him. When there was a problem he always thought it out and would come to me with a suggestion for how to resolve it, while taking the overall design into consideration. As an architect, this was something I especially appreciated."
Janet Longnecker-Cutler Anderson Architects
Banbridge Island, Washington

"Chuck inherited a difficult situation and was able to pull together a well functioning team, able to overcome significant time delays and deficiencies. He completed the project to the highest quality and to the complete satisfaction of the owner."
Loel Fenwick MD, president, Tanglefoot Master Builders
Priest Lake, Idaho

"Chucks high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which can only come with experience, were evident at every phase of construction."
Dom Vokic, Architect SF

"As an OR with over 30 years experience in the construction industry, I can confidently say that Chuck has a rare combination of skills and attitude that sets him in the highest echelon of builders. Because of his organizational aptitude, I believe that he can provide efficient, superior results on any type of residential project. He is as demanding as he is fair, relying on his excellent communications skills to organize the work and see to it, that the work is done right by his own forces and the necessary vendors."
Dave Ross, Kutner-Ross Associates, Inc.
San Carlos, CA

"Chuck Castle worked with my company for four years and performed both as a Project Manager and Superintendent. My company specializes in building very high quality hand crafted construction projects. The project he did for us was technically very difficult and had demanding schedules and relationships. Chuck never failed to perform to a very high standard. I look forward to the possibility of continued working relationships with him."
Paul Shelton, President of RP Shelton Inc.
Bonner Ferry, ID

castle construction Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a contractor?

I have been a licensed contractor since 1979, but started designing and building residential structures in 1973.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in major residential renovations and custom homes. My preference is to build unique structures, but welcome the opportunity to do traditional remodels, additions, custom kitchens and bathrooms.

Are you licensed and insured

Yes, I have held an active contractor license for building B-1 and cabinet and millwork C-6, since 1979. I am fully insured and bonded.

Do you provide independant consulting services?

I do provide independent consulting services and am happy to work with your design and building professionals, if requested. I can also refer you to design and building professionals that I have worked with over the years and have access to.

Can you manage a project from start to finish?

I can manage a project from start to finish, but do not provide full project management. My consulting services would assist in management, to help simplify the complete building process.

What are your fees?

My fees are based on what the individual project entails and may be negotiated. I am willing to do lump sum or time and material contracts, but prefer to work with a known budget when possible, so that we are making best use of everyone’s time and effort.

Chuck's Experience and Expertise

I have over 35 years experience in the construction industry and have maintained an active contractor license since 1979. I operated my own company for 16 years in Marin County and functioned for the past 16 years, mainly as a residential site superintendent. My level of responsibilities as a contractor and superintendent, required significant experience in performing challenging projects, from additions, to estate renovations to new residences.

What customers say about CASTLE CONTRACTING

"Chuck showed tremendous care and concern for us, the project for the house and for the safety and security of the property and the project."

"He is a rare breed and his knowledge and integrity instills confidence in all who worked under and around him."